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Medium - Angel Communicator/Messenger

About Me


My Intuitive abilities came to me at an early age when I gave shocking news to a family member that would forever change his life.  

Through a series of traumatic experiences in my early life, my abilities were blocked, so I shut down for a time.

A number of years later, it was after a visit with a Medium who gave me a message that this is the  work that I should be doing, I was encouraged  and inspired to continue to pursue my gift. 

Today, I am passionate about sharing love with the world with the intention of providing hope and healing. 

Medium: Metaphysical Practitioner & Angel Communicator

In my world, I provide:

Mediumship, Psychicism, Angelic  Guidance and Energy Medicine.


Medium and Metaphysical Practitioner:

Angel Guidance and Communicator, Teacher and Healer of various spiritual modalities for years now.  

*Wishing you love, blessings and light.

Thank you for visiting me  ♥